Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life After Hip Hop

Bangnat Radio's 1st ever Roundtable discussion! Photobucket With special guest Mattic Photobucket, Kam Moye (Supastition)Photobucket, and Veega Photobucket. Talk about one hit wonders and life after hip hop. Getting down to what really happens when your star becomes too dem to shine.

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Hey, y'all, I apologize. Veega, I heard about three or four measures of one ya joints. Nice. Can't wait to hit the booth with ya. More than likely after I hear the entire cast I'll be back through to comment. But just going off the title of the cast I just want to say one thing on behalf of hip-hop: " Just as there is no life without hip-hop for the cats that represent the culture, there is no life after hip-hop. " Hip-hop doesn't die. Hip-Hop is eternal.

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