Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch The Throne Listening Party

Bangnat's 1st ever listening party!!!!! You can also download the show @




Jay-Z & Kanye West Otis Video //

Kanye's big fall....


Okay, Bangnat...I really do appreciate the email that led me to this link. I needed to hear this bullshit. Being that Hov is one of my primary mentors in this rap shit, I have no choice but to comment. I'm hurt. I'm willing to bet my whole career that I'm the most disgusted emcee on the planet right now. This album ( well...can we even call it an album??) is GARBAGE. These cats sounds like they just started rapping the day before they decided to hit the booth to make this one. I'm almost certain that my big homie Tupac ( R.I.P) is up in Thug-Heaven laughing his fucking ass off. Somebody please tell me that this is a joke being played on hip-hop by Hov. Please? I'll go for that. This can't be real. I'm " NOT " going for THAT. My stomach hurts. It's painful. I stuck through the entire show hanging on to hope. No dice. Oh' my God...I gotta to go y'all. But not before I say this: there's no way that Jay can leave the game like this. The next one has to be the answer. Solo. As for Kanye, I dare not waste my words...I wish I would. What the fuck can I say about the nigga that he didn't just say about himself?

I say its not bad just more commercialized like what we hear so much of today at least they not rapping bout something they haven't done or went through like other fakeass wackass rappers, but in all sound like they calling niggaz out.

I feel where you coming from. But I just can't get behind this one.

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